The CCSD is officially launching its HALiance project, winning project for Structuring Equipment for Research (Equipex+)*. The HALiance project lasts 5,5 years and aims at a major change of HAL (hardware and software infrastructure, technologies and services) while maintaining its current operation.

The HALiance project aims at redesigning HAL’s core services and aligning them with recommendations and excellence criteria defined by the Ministry of Higher education and research as part of the National Plan for Open Science and within the framework of international initiatives in favour of open science (COAR, EOSC, cOAlition S). It builds on the renewal of hardware and software infrastructure, and aims to address the international stakes with regard to excellence, technological agility and reinforced interconnection.

The project will last five and a half years and is divided into several work packages.

Two work packages are about the hardware infrastructure, which must be secured and adapted to a significant increase of data, and the software infrastructure, which will be deployed in a new application development environment.

Two other work packages are dedicated to the metadata: the one by diversifying the types of metadata and identifiers extracted from the deposited files (for example affiliations or funders) in order to enrich automatically HAL and to optimize the alignment with the reference databases; the other by organizing and documenting the life cycle of the bibliographic metadata imported in HAL in order to improve their traceability.

The development of new services constitutes several work package, in order to optimize the use of HAL and adapt it to new research practices :

  • Implementation of a new way of feeding HAL by a selective publications’ harvesting (full text)
  • Link HAL to preprint review services and display the publication cycle
  • Link publications and their research data, in particular develop the interoperability with Nakala and Dataverse (for ex,

Finally, more transversal work packages are dedicated on the one hand, to communication and support for user communities and, on the other hand, to ensuring consistency with FAIR principles, in particular via a Core Trust Seal certification process

HALiance project is coordinated by the CNRS and the CCSD’s partners are INRAE, Inria and IN2P3. Working axis with the Equipex+ Commons project, led by Openedition, Huma-Num and Métopes, are also included in HALiance, such as, for example, the feasibility and deployment of a shared authentication system.

The Equipex+ HALiance is a structuring project for the CCSD. Its achievement is a major component of its roadmap.

* The French government, through its Investment programme for the future (PIA)3, invests in the key scientific equipments in order to maintain the excellence and leadership of national research. Fifty-two projects were thus selected for a total funding of €422 million as part of the Structuring equipment for research action: EquipEx+ (abbreviation of equipment of excellence).




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