Conference management

Sciencesconf is a web platform for organisers of scientific conferences, workshops or meetings, intended for the teaching and research communities only

The platform facilitates the different stages of organising a conference, from receipt of submissions to automatic printing of documents, including reviewing and programming of themes.

It offers an array of customisable functions for conference organisers:

  • Hosting and customisation of website (design, content, …)
  • Parameters of conference (submission, review and registration period, …)
  • Emails (call for submissions, reminders, …)
  • Tools for selecting contributions
  • Configuration of lists (themes, types of submission)
  • Implementation of programme
  • Tracking registrations
  • Browsing statistics
  • Electronic publication
  • Export of submissions to the HAL open archive

There is a specific space for participants to register and submit their contributions.

It is free to use.
Submit a request at :
If the conference meets the selection criteria (teaching and research), the conference will be accepted within 48 hrs (working hours)

More than 8000 conferences

The complete list of the conferences is available on the website.

Brief history

2008 : Request by CNRS management to implement a unified conference management tool for the Higher Education and Research community. The project, sponsored by CCSD, was launched by a request for proposals by TGE-Adonis

September 2009 : : Start of implementation

December 2010 : Opening of version 1.0 of platform

March 2013 : Continued development of platform with the implementation of version 1.7