Other projects

Campus-AAR is a digital environment project for the production, description and publication of scientific audio-visual archives. Its aim is to develop a roll-out software infrastructure and an array of terminology resources allowing a holder of archives to upload, analyse, exhibit, republish and research audio-visual resources, and make them inter-operable, adopting a “scholarly” approach for an audience of researchers, teaching staff and students.

The CCSD is a partner of the Campus-AAR consortium.



Héloïse is a service providing information on publishers’ policies on depositing articles. An author wanting to deposit his/her article in HAL can refer to it mainly for French publishers of scientific journals.

The CCSD developed the application and hosts the data base

ISIDORE is a research platform allowing access to humanities and social sciences digital data. It works on the principles of the data web and free access by harvesting more than 3,000 sources of data, including HAL-SHS, TEL and MediHAL.

ISIDORE is a project of the vast research infrastructure Huma-Num (CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université, Campus Condorcet).

From its creation until April 2016, the CCSD has been the project manager of this project::

  • availability and maintenance of APIs
  • management of AFS search engine
  • maintenance and management of web platform