Overlay journals

Episciences is an innovative combination of the two routes of free access: the gold route by hosting journals in open access (overlay journals) and the green route where articles are submitted to these journals by depositing them in an open archive

The platform offers a comprehensive tool for managing the journal, hosting it and disseminating its contents.

It offers the editorial team an array of customisable functions:

  • Hosting and customisation of website (design, content, …)
  • Parameters of journal (review rubric, volumes, headings …)
  • Management of users and their roles (editorial secretary, webmaster, reviewer, guest reviewer, …)
  • Managing and following-up reviews
  • Emails (reminder,…)
  • Publication of articles

Episciences.org has a specific space for reviewers with tools they can use to manage the articles assigned to them and their comments.

It has a specific space for authors to register, submit their article and respond to reviewers’ suggestions.

Steering committee : its main role is to follow-up the existing epi-committees and to create new ones. It assures the coordination between journals and the platform.

Membres :

  • Serge Bauin (DIST CNRS)
  • Marin Dacos (MESRI)
  • Jean-Pierre Demailly (UJF)
  • Nathalie Fargier (CCSD)
  • Claude Kirchner (Inria)
  • Olivier Le Gall (INRA)
  • Jacques Millet (Inria)
  • Pierre Mounier (OpenEdition)
  • Laurent Romary (Inria)


Open archives partners : HAL, arXiv, CWI

Epi-committees : comprised of recognised experts in their discipline, their role is to stimulate the creation of editorial committees able to organise new epi-journals, and monitor their content and quality.

  • epiIAM : informatics and applied mathematics.
  • epiMaths : collaboration with Institut Fourier (UMR5582-CNRS et Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)
  • EpiSSH: for social sciences and humanities

Overlay journals



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