The EHESP School of Public Health was set up to provide a school of higher public health studies in France. The organization implemented serves the strategic guidelines of the institution presented in its objective and performance contract for the period 2014 to 2018. A new strategic project is currently under development. It will result in a new objectives and performance contract 2019-2023 signed by the two ministries supervising the EHESP School of Public Health: the Ministry for Solidarity and Health and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

EHESP has four missions:

  • to provide initial training for senior public sector managers and inspectors in the health and welfare services;
  • to provide higher education in public health, in close partnership with other institutions;
  • to contribute to research in public health;
  • to promote international relations, in particular through exchanges with similar educational institutions.

90 lecturers, grouped into 4 departments, provide training for senior management in health and welfare services, in a national and international context.

  • 12 training programs for healthcare professionals
  • Masters, post-masters and doctoral degrees
  • Institution-specific Diplomas

EHESP also offers 10 certificates and more than 250 “short” training programs that are updated each year in various public health fields, discover all the professional development programs.

EHESP also offers preparatory courses for a number of competitive examinations for positions as civil servants in ministerial and health facilities, both in class setting and through distance learning, as well as training courses tailored to the needs of each facility

The relevance and quality of teaching are an integral part of applied research. Research is carried out by 4 education and research departments including 12 research chairs, 1 environmental health research laboratory (LERES), 9 research organizations in partnership including 3 joint labs and a research team.

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