Inrap (French National Institute for Preventive Archaelogical Research)

Inrap was created in 2002 in application of the law on preventive archaeology. The Institute ensures the detection and study of archaeological remains concerned by construction projects in France and its overseas territories. It exploits and diffuses the results of its research to the scientific community and participates in teaching, cultural diffusion and public outreach.

Largely self-funded, Inrap is a research establishment in the public sector under the tutelage of the Ministries of Culture and Communication, National Education, Higher Education and Research. In addition to its State representatives, its Board of Directors is composed of representatives of research organisms and local governments, as well as developers and qualified persons in the field of archaeology.

Its research activity is conducted under the aegis of a scientific committee composed of the associated ministries and members of the archaeological community: CNRS, universities and the archaeology services of local government bodies.

During the different phases of archaeological research, Inrap shares the results of its work with the public. It develops diverse resources that are widely diffused via the organization of site visits, colloquia and exhibitions, publications, audiovisual documentaries, radio programs and digital tools. Each year since 2009, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Inrap organizes the French National Archaeology Days.

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