​​IRSN, a public expert with industrial and commercial activities, was set up in 2001. The Institute is placed under the joint authority of the Ministries of Defense, the Environment, Industry, Research, and Health. It is the nation’s public service expert in nuclear and radiation risks, and its activities cover all the related scientific and technical issues.

The decree n°2016-283 of 10 March 2016 entrusts IRSN with missions of expertise and research in the following areas:

  • nuclear safety
  • safety of transport of radioactive and fissile materials
  • protection of man and the environment against ionizing radiation
  • protection and control of nuclear materials
  • protection of nuclear facilities and transport of radioactive and fissile materials against malicious acts.

IRSN interacts with all parties concerned by these risks (public authorities, local authorities, companies, research organizations, stakeholders’ associations, etc.) to contribute to public policy issues relating to nuclear safety, human and environmental protection against ionizing radiation, and the protection of nuclear materials, facilities, and transport against the risk of malicious acts. 


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