Kedge Business School

​KEDGE Business School is a benchmark French business school with 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles and Toulon), 2 in China (Shanghai and Suzhou), 2 in Africa (Sénégal, Côte d’Ivoire) and 5 partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia, Bayonne, Dakar, Abidjan).

KEDGE BS offers a portfolio of 36 management and design programmes for students and industry professionals. It also provides customised educational programmes for businesses at national and international levels.

Teacher-researchers at Kedge contribute to the advancement of knowledge in management through basic and applied research. They are behind the production of publications, works, conferences and more which puts the school in 2nd place for research in the French Business Schools rankings.
The school is internationally recognised for the management research it conducts in the areas covered by its centres of excellence and specialisms.

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