La Rochelle Université

The University of La Rochelle, founded in 1993, was the fruit of a political strategy decided by Michel Crepeau, the former Mayor of the town, to provide further education facilities for the region.

Twenty-fiveyears later, with the further education landscape undergoing radical change, it continues to forge a clear and singular identity founded on audacious projects and a strong sense of a community anchored in an exceptional town.

The “La Rochelle Université” brand is associated with high level research centred on the distinctive social challenge of a Smart & Sustainable Urban Coastal Environment, and teaching of the highest standard.

Based on a multi-disciplinary foundation, its dynamic high-level multidisciplinary research is carried out in six research units, together with three joint research units accredited by the CNRS, and the university has established a position of national and international excellence in environmental, energy and digital transitions. Thanks to a wealth of experience in multidisciplinary research we are actively helping to solving some of the major societal issues of the 21st century.

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