ONERA’s mission:

  • Developing and guiding research activities in the aerospace field
  • Designing, developing and deploying the resources required to conduct this research
  • Disseminating, in collaboration with the authorities or organisations responsible for scientific and technical research, the results of said research at national and international levels; promoting their use by the aerospace industry and, where appropriate, facilitating their application outside the aerospace field.

In these different capacities, it is notably tasked with:

  • Conducting itself or asking a third party to conduct, on its own initiative or upon request, all the studies and research required by the aerospace industry
  • Ddeveloping test and calculation facilities for the benefit of aerospace research and industry
  • Liaising with French, foreign and international organisations whose activities may contribute to the advancement of aerospace research
  • Disseminating and promoting the results obtained, in particular through publications, patents and operating licenses
  • Promoting the launching or development of initiatives in favour of aerospace research or industry
  • Assisting official organisations and authorities as an expert and upon request
  • Contributing, in its field of competence, to the training policy on research and through research

In liaison with the National Centre for Space Studies, it contributes, through its own actions or through agreements, to research and experimental achievements in the space field.

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