Paris University 13

Paris University 13 is one of the thirteen universities that were created after the reorganization of the old Sorbonne after 1968.

It now has 24,000 students, spread across five campuses pursuing degrees or continuing education.
Truly multi-disciplinary in nature, Paris University 13 is a major center of teaching and research in the north of Paris.

The fundamental mission of Paris University 13 is to improve the scientific, cultural and professional knowledge of all through initial and continuing education and the development of research, which is its essential foundation.

In accordance with this mission, Paris University 13 pursues the following objectives :

• To welcome, inform and guide the choices of its students and provide them with initial and/or continuing education, particularly so that they obtain degrees.
• To develop research in science and technology as well as spread and extract value from findings
• To support students in their choice of courses and their entry into working life
• To support all desirable form of relations within the regional environment
• To enrich the culture and the scientific and technical knowledge of the academic community and the regional population
• To promote cooperation with other universities both nationally and internationally, particularly by participating in the European Higher Education Area


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