Université de Lorraine

Founded in 2012, the Université de Lorraine is a multidisciplinary establishment. Its 60.000 students and 7.000 staff members spread all over the area of Lorraine. Its research revolve around 10 scientific hubs, consisting of 60 research units with 28 being mixed research units. At the heart of Europe, the Université de Lorraine relies on a network of partner universities in the Region and all around the world. Its international standing rests upon the mobility of researchers, university lecturers and researchers, and students, as well as the internationalisation of its training offer.

The Université de Lorraine has been fully committed to Open Science since 2016, when it opened a HAL portal and organised its first seminar on this topic. Ever since, this committment grows year after year, thanks to annual symposiums, institutional support to open edition initiatives, the adoption of HAL as the university official bibliography in 2018, and the set up of a research data repository in 2021. A steering committee, put in place in 2019 and assisted by two operational committees, works hard to offer a safe environment to researchers so that they are well prepared to the current evolutions in the research environment.

HAL portal: https://hal.univ-lorraine.fr/
Open Science at the Université de Lorraine : https://scienceouverte.univ-lorraine.fr/en/home/