Université Paris-Lumières

The group of universities Paris Lumières covers the whole field of humanities and social sciences, and also trains in other domains of basic sciences and life sciences (biology, informatics, mathematics…). Paris Lumières ranks 1st for social sciences and 2nd in humanities in France, according to STRATER 2014 diagnosis (following the change in scope of groupings); the group trains 1 student of the Île-de-France in 4 in humanities and social sciences.

The group Paris Lumières works with many partners, and is built as a confederation thanks to a coordination relying on consensus. To that end, 16 associates signed partnership agreements with Paris Lumières. UPL also created an associates assembly, so as to give regular news updates and broaden inter-universitary debates.

HAL portal: https://hal-univ-paris-lumieres.archives-ouvertes.fr/