University of Perpignan

In 1350, the King of Aragon founded the University of Perpignan. Characterized by a multidisciplinary approach since its inception, this approach continues to define the University today, some 670 years later.
The University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD) is modestly sized, local and multidisciplinary, and is open to Occitania, Southern Catalonia and to the International world. It is located in an ideal setting, at the centre of three metropolises: Montpellier, Toulouse and Barcelona.
The UPVD has converged its strengths and skills to create a collective dynamic adapted to the challenges of global change. As these changes bring about problems that can only be dealt with in a multidisciplinary manner, the UPVD benefits from undeniable assets and a particularly favourable regional, national and international context.

The academics and research at the University of Perpignan focus on Man within his environment, over a long time period (for 560,000 years, Tautavel) in order to adapt to new constraints, to support expected transitions and to propose future solutions. This work addresses the adaptation of plants to climate change as well as the effects induced in parasitology, the need to develop techniques for restoring fish stocks or the treatment of plastics at sea. Further, we are invested in the invention of the energies of tomorrow, the creation of future regulations to encourage greater sustainability and in the conceptualisation of an evolved concept of Man within his environment.

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