University of Reunion Island

The University of Reunion Island is a French public higher education and research institution, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, one of Europe’s outermost regions. By virtue of its unique geostrategic position it is the only European university in the region.

15 000 students are admitted every year at six sites in St Denis (Moufia, Victoire, Bellepierre and the University Technology Park), Le Tampon and Saint Pierre.
Through its research, international influence, range of courses on offer and student living conditions, the University of Reunion Island has many advantages that enable it to play a key role as an interface between Europe and the Indian Ocean.

The University of Reunion Island offers a whole range of full-time and vocational multi-disciplinary and diversified curricula:

  • European standard-compliant LMD (Bachelor, Master, PhD) degrees in three fields “Arts & Social Sciences”, “Law, Economics and Management”, “Science, Technology & Health”;
  • job-oriented courses (vocational Bachelor’s degree, undergraduate technology degrees, etc.) in widely different fields such as Civil Engineering, Air Conditioning, Banking & Insurance or Networks & Telecommunications;
  • engineering degrees in three domains “Innovation & Integrated Agri-Food Development”, “Telecommunication, Computer and Multimedia Services”, “Sustainable Construction & Environment”.

The University of Reunion Island is composed of 5 Faculties, 3 Institutes, 1 Engineering School, 1 Teacher Training School, 1 Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe, 1 Training Centre and 1 Language Centre:

  • Faculty of Law and Economics
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Human Sciences and Environment
  • Faculty of Health
  • Institute of Business Administration
  • University Institute of Technology
  • Teacher Training School
  • Engineering School
  • Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe
  • Confucius Institute
  • Training Centre
  • Language Centre

 The University of Reunion Island houses 21 research labs.

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