University Toulouse – Jean Jaurès

University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, specialised in the arts, litterature, languages, humanities ans social sciences, sciences, technology, health and teacher training, consists of about 700 university lecturers and researchers and 900 doctoral students. It comprises 23 units: 11 mixt research units and 12 research units; it is characterised by a great variety of disciplines and research practice.

It is part of a network of universitary campuses and shared services offerd by th UFTMiP (Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi Pyrénées), which consists of 23 schools and universities, 1 university hospital and 7 research organisations.

Heir to the litterature faculty, it is rooted in a multisecular tradition of humanism and disiplinary openness.
Founded in 1229, the University earned a great reputation in the 16th century hosting prestigious humanist thinkers such as Rabelais, Michel Servet, Etienne Dolet, Michel de l’Hospital and Montaigne.
In 1808, the institution became an imperial University and consisted of the Faculties of Catholic and Protestant Theology, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law, of Sciences, and a School of Medicine.
Reaching its full development in the 20th century, the Faculty of Humanities is transferred in 1968 from the centre of Toulouse to its current location, the newly-built Mirail district which gave its name to the campus.

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