Université Paris 8 – Vincennes – Saint-Denis

Ever since its creation as an Experiment Centre in Vincennes in 1969, and its establishment in Saint-Denis later in 1980, Université Paris 8 has been a major education and research center for humanities in Île-de-France. With its specialities in Arts, Litterature, Humanities and Social Sciences, Université Paris 8 has always led its students towards a better understanding of today’s world, all the while giving them tools to integrate socially.

To this end, Université Paris 8 offers research perspectives in scientific fields little represented in French higher education and research: psychoanalysis, geopolitics, cinema, plastic arts, gender studies…

Paris 8 also stands out through the strong ties it maintains between research and education, thanks to educational methods adapting to each population and offering education to each and every one, at any age.

HAL portal: https://hal-univ-paris8.archives-ouvertes.fr/