dataHAL Triplestore

The portal provides access to the database containing structured data in RDF format. This database, also called Triplestore, contains all the metadata of the open archive HAL as well as in the listings of AuréHAL

The RDF, for Resource Description Framework, is the basic language for semantic web. It proposes a graph model to formally describe web resources and their metadata, in order to allow automatic processing of these descriptions.

A document structured in RDF is a set of triplets.


The ontologies and vocabularies used by data.archives-ouvertes are the following :

The dataHAL portal provides :

  • a documentation: presentation of the triplestore and the various data schemas
  • a SPARQL endpoint: Interface of interrogation of the knowledge base structured in RDF
  • downloading of the content of the triplestore: monthly  zip archive of the RDF data