Created by CNRS in 2000, the Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe (CCSD) is a combined service unit (UMS3668). Its main objective is to provide the higher education and research community with the tools needed to archive, disseminate and capitalise on scientific publications and data.
With the creation and development of HAL, it has played a central role in the national coordination of open archives since the inter-institution partnership agreement signed in 2013 by the Agence de Mutualisation des Universités et Etablissements (AMUE)*, the Conférence des Présidents d’Université (CPU)**, the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)*** and 22 other institutions.


Roadmap 2016-2020 (in French)

2018 Annual report

2017 Annual report

CCSD and its role in the Bibliothèque Scientifique Numérique (BSN – Digital Scientific Library)

  • BSN 3 Description of resources
  • BSN 6 Long-term archiving
  • BSN 7 Public scientific publishing
  • BSN 9 Training, skills, usage
  • BSN 10 Research data

The objectives of the unit

Developing open archives for all research output and offering free, open access, fostering the visibility and circulation of scientific and technical information

Collating and interconnecting institutional open archives around HAL, ensuring interoperability between its data bases and those of its partners

Ensuring the longevity of all the data collected by protecting repositories and long-term archiving

Connecting the HAL open archive with the main international themed open archives, such as arXiv, PubMedCentral, etc..

Developing computerised tools for researchers and scientific communities to facilitate all forms of direct scientific communication

Providing national computer services, notably participating in the creation of the listings required to identify French scientific output and the automatic updating of administrative data bases

Participating in all French and international initiatives regarding open archives, particularly European ones

*AMUE :  Universities and Schools Joint Agency  –  ** CPU :  University Chancellors Conference  – *** CGE : Grandes Ecoles Conference.