HAL portals

The portal service is specifically dedicated to institutions and universities seeking to raise the profile of the scientific publications and data of their researchers and research professors. The institution has a representative in the governance of the CCSD.

138 HAL portals

148 research organisations, universities, grandes écoles and groups of universities and institutions chose HAL for their institutional archive. 92% of French universities have a HAL portal.
148 institutional portals in 2024: 68 universities, 46 grandes écoles, 34 research organisations
136 participated in the Partners Assembly (PA) in 2022—supervising bodies are not members of the PA, and several sollicitations to appoint an institution representative remained unanswered.

See the list of PA members

Partner portals

A partner portal refers to an institutional portal supported by an institution (university, school, organization) that contributes financially to CCSD. The institution appoints its representative to the CCSD Partners Assembly.
The annual financial contribution is indexed to the number of  researchers affiliated to the institution.
Researchers headcount Amount of the contribution
< 199

2,000 €

Between 200 and 499

4,000 €

Between 500 and 999

8,000 €

Between 1,000 and 1,999

13,000 €

≥ 2,000

18,000 €

The Terms and conditions of the HAL platform (French only) are signed by the legal representative of the institution. A political declaration is joined to the document.

Portal offering

HAL portals offer many features:
A shared archive
From the creation of the archive, all HAL publications already linked to the institution can be viewed and used.
Secure hosting
Data is hosted in a secure environment (IN2P3’s Computing Centre).
Personalised support
The CCSD has a dedicated team for development, support and training so the institution’s staff can be involved in activities around the archive and in assisting researchers.
Interconnections with international archives
Thanks to its many partnerships, HAL enables transfer to arXiv, Software Heritage, RePec, OpenAIRE…
International visibility
HAL benefits from a strong referencing, giving a lot of influence to the work of the institution’s researchers at an international scale.
Advanced functionalities
The portal offers a large set of functionalities to manage and enhance an institution’s scientific production: specific domain name, deposit interface, customisation of visual identity, search tools (list of publications; deposit and browsing statistics and downloads), long-term archiving.

Practical information

If you wish to use HAL for institutional archive of your insitution, please contact the CCSD.
After studying your request, the CCSD team will help you in defining the technical specifications of the portal.
You will be offered a training for the portal management, and personalised support will be granted after the portal opening.