Unified Access to HAL Listings

AURéHAL is the management platform for the listings used by HAL: authors, research organisations, ANR and European projects, journals and disciplines.

It can be freely browsed and used via APIs.

  • Authors: surname, first name, email address, affiliated institution. When browsing an author file, the information he/she has added to his/her IdHAL (author identifiers like ORCID or IdRef, profiles on social networks, blog url) is visible
  • Research organisations: they are organised into four types (institution, research centre, department and team) with links between them to indicate, in particular, the regulatory authorities and attachments. Other metadata also includes name and acronym, postal addresses and url, identifiers like ROR, IdRef or RNSR.
  • Domains: list of disciplines in French and English. Cross-matches with arXiv domains are shown in inverted commas.
  • Journals: lthe listing uses the APIs of the Sherpa/Romeo site for the publishers’ policies on self-archiving. The Sherpa/Romeo information is therefore proposed during a deposit when entering the title of the journal.
  • ANR projects: project data are retrieved from on a regular basis.
  • European projects : the listing contains a full list of the projects present in OpenAIRE, so 45,394 projects

With the exception of domains, entries in listings are carried out at the time of the deposit. With each entry in a listing, a request can be launched in HAL to browse the related deposits.

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