Episciences is an innovative combination of the two routes of free access: the gold route by hosting journals in open access (overlay journals) and the green route where articles are submitted to these journals by depositing them in an open archive.
The platform offers a comprehensive tool for managing the journal, hosting it and disseminating its contents.

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As of January 1st, 2024, 33 journals are currently active on Episciences, in a variety of domains: social sciences and humanities, informatics and applied mathematics, mathematics, mechanics, environment.
Over 12,600 articles have been submitted to hosted journals, and over 6,300 were published.
Number of articles submitted and published in Episciences journals

Disciplinary Scientific Board

Comprised of recognised experts in their discipline, their role is to stimulate the creation of editorial committees able to organise new journals, and monitor their content and quality.
Three disciplinary scientific board are established:
epiIAM (informatics and applied mathematics)
Inria has taken the initiative to launch the Episciences IAM community and aims to collaborate in coordination with institutions and establishments wishing to get involved in this type of project.
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in collaboration with Institut Fourier (UMR5582-CNRS et Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)
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for social sciences and humanities
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Join Episciences

The following can become overlay journals on Episciences:
  • Existing journals wishing to free themselves from a commercial editorial environment or already in Open Access to gain autonomy;
  • Journals in the process of being created that want an environment that favours a simple, flexible and highly visible deployment.
All scientific domains are welcome on Episciences, even with no existing dedicated Scientific Board.
To be published in an overlay journal, an article must be accessible in Open Access before the evaluation process. Authors must have previously deposited their full text on a public open repository.
To propose your journal, please contact contact[at]episciences.org.
If the journal’s objectives fall within the scientific scope of an already established board, it is advisable to contact it before submitting an application.