Sciencesconf is a web platform for organisers of scientific conferences, workshops or meetings.
The platform facilitates the different stages of organising a conference, from receipt of submissions to automatic printing of documents, including reviewing and programming of themes.
There is a specific space for participants to register and submit their contributions.
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Over 11,000 conferences

As of January 1st, 2023, more than 11,000 scientific conferences are or were managed using Sciencesconf.
Cumulative number of conferences managed on Sciencesconf per year
More than 54,000 scientific communications were submitted through Sciencesconf, and over 5,000 documents were then transfered to HAL.

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Sciencesconf is free to use. However, this platform is intended for the teaching and research communities only.
If the conference meets the selection criteria, the conference will be accepted within 48 hrs (working hours).