Open Science Talks

The CCSD offers information webinars about Open Science and the platforms it develops in relation with the national Open Science policy.
  • 3 sessions per year;
  • a 1h30 presentation with 30 minutes of discussion with the participants;
  • Speakers: experts on the topic, and a member of the CCSD;
  • Open to all with registration;
  • Sessions recorded and replay available later on the CCSD’sCanalU and Youtube channels.

Open Science talks

The French Open Science Monitor

Open Science Talks #6
10 March, 2023

Open Science talks

The Open Science policy of funding agencies and their application in HAL

Open Science Talks #5
27 September, 2022
This webinar presented the Open Science policies of the ANR and ANSES, their use of HAL to this end, and the features developed in HAL to support these politics.
Speakers: Zoé Ancion (ANR), Bénédicte Kuntziger (CCSD), Sophie Guitton (ANSES)

Plan S and cOAlition S: heading for Open Access with no exception

Open Science Talks Special Issus – HAL’s Partners Assembly
7 July, 2022
Johan Rooryck, executive director of cOAlition S, spoke at the 2nd plenary reunion of the Partners Assembly, on the 7 July, 2022. He presented the Plan S, its stakes and its principles. Transformative journals, rights retention strategy, diamond Open Access: Johan Rooryck went through the different Open Access routes compatible with Plan S, and how one can support these routes.
Speaker: Johan Rooryck (cOAlition S)

Softwares in HAL: the collaboration between Software Heritage, Inria and the CCSD

Open Science Talks #4
31 May, 2022
The subject of this webinar was the preservation of softwares, and the collaboration of the CCSD with Inria and Software Heritage. This collaboration enabled the implementation of software deposits in HAL, and to respond to most use cases for softwares and publications.
Speakers: Roberto Di Cosmo (Software Heritage), Morane Gruenpeter (Software Heritage), Bruno Marmol (CCSD), Alain Monteil (Inria)

Publishing in Diamond Open Access: an example of collaboration between HAL, arXiv, Zenodo or CWI

Open Science Talks #3
5 April, 2022
This webinar presented the Diamond Open Access publishing model, the Episciences and its service offer, and finally offered a focus on PerEpiga and HALOWIN projects.
Speakers: Céline Barthonnat (CCSD), Pierre‑Emmanuel Chaput (revue Epiga), Raphaël Tournoy (CCSD)

Recommandations for HAL portals and collections (HAL's new webdesign)

Open Science Talks #2
25 January, 2022
In this webinar, the CCSD and the user club CasuHAL showed the evolutions to come on HAL portals and collections, in the context of the redesign of HAL’s UX, so the portals administrators could prepare for the migration.
Speaker: Yannick Barborini (CCSD)
Animator: Jessica Leyrit (CasuHAL)

HAL's new webdesign

Open Science Talks #1
14 December, 2021
In this webinar, the CCSD offered the members of the Partners Assembly an overview of the project of a new webdesign for HAL, the methodology, the progress made, and the tangible impact on HAL portals.
Speakers: Yannick Barborini (CCSD), Hélène Begnis (CCSD)