HALiance Project

The HALiance project aims at redesigning HAL’s core services and aligning them with recommendations and excellence criteria defined by the Ministry of Higher education and research as part of the National Plan for Open Science and within the framework of international initiatives in favour of open science (COAR, EOSC, cOAlition S). It builds on the renewal of hardware and software infrastructure, and aims to address the international stakes with regard to excellence, technological agility and reinforced interconnection.

The project is divided into 9 workpackages.

WP1 - Hardware infrastructure

Objectives: Upgrade and secure the hardware infrastructure of HAL
  • The hardware infrastructure of HAL is able to adapt to a significant increase of the data to store and to treat
  • The backup system is redundant

WP2 - Software

Objectives: Migrate, secure and open the HAL software code
  • A new application development environment is deployed
  • The HAL source code is open and published

WP3 - Metadata extraction and alignment

Objectives: Extracting metadata and identifiers in the deposited files and automatically enrich the HAL database
  • The extraction of named-entities within the pdf files of publications is optimised and automated (Authors, institutions, funders and projects, licences, infrastructures ; Research software and research data Citations)
  • The named-entities are automatically aligned with HAL reference data

WP4 - Management of imported bibliographic metadata

Objectives: Organize and document the lifecycle of bibliographic metadata imported into HAL
  • The source of metadata is documented
  • Metadata traceability is documented (metadata life cycle)
  • Conflict management rules are defined and implemented
  • Synchronization of the imported metadata with those of HAL database

WP5 - Preprint review and curation

Objectives: HAL to preprint review services and display the publication cycle
  • HAL is automatically notified of a preprint review and updated versions of the preprint
  • The different statuses of the preprint are known and displayed (reviewed, recommended, accepted for publication, open peer review, etc.)
  • Researchers who deposit preprints in HAL can access to external reviewing services

WP6 - Selective publications' harvesting

Objectives: Implementation of a new way of feeding HAL by a selective publications’ harvesting (full text)
  • A mechanism identifies the scholarly publications’ full text which can be imported into HAL and feeds HAL
  • Tools for deduplication, enrichment and version management are available
  • Researchers have web interfaces to validate or not the import of their publications into HAL
  • Conference papers on SciencesConf are automatically imported into HAL

WP7 - Link publications - research data

Objectives: Link publications and their research data
  • An automated solution locates and associates to the publication deposited in HAL the identifier and the citation of the associated research data
  • A service helps to deposit a research dataset associated with a publication and transfer it to the appropriate data repository
  • Interoperability of HAL with Nakala (SHS) and Dataverse repositories (Recherche.data.gouv for ex)

WP8 - Supporting and involve users communities

Objectives: Ensure the visibility and the appropriation of the new services by its users
  • Users are associated to the conception of the new services
  • Functional and technical documentation is available
  • A multi-modal training offer is proposed to the users
  • Users are informed of the general progress of the project

WP9 - FAIR principles

Objectives: Ensure consistency with FAIR principles
  • A Core Trust Seal certification process is initiated
  • FAIR indicators are implemented

Project sheet


Equipment for research P.I.A.3 – ESR/EquipEx+

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5,5 years


3,4 M€

Project kick-off

January 2022




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