Funding by the supervisory bodies

The financing of the CCSD is jointly ensured by its supervising bodies (CNRSInriaINRAE) and the Ministry of higher education and research (MESR).

Funding by project

The CCSD is the winner of several calls for projects:

  • HALiance, Équipements structurants pour la recherche du P.I.A.3 – ESR/EquipEx+
  • nepHAL+, National fund for open science
  • Édisciences, National fund for open science

See also the current projects.

Annual contribution from HAL's partner institutions

Since 2022, institutions having a HAL portal pay a contribution to the CCSD. It is indexed on the number of researchers affiliated to the institution. This financial contribution supports the technical consolidation of HAL, the development of the infrastructure in direct link with the needs and requests of its users.

Researchers headcount Amount of the contribution
< 199

2,000 €

Between 200 and 499

4,000 €

Between 500 and 999

8,000 €

Between 1,000 and 1,999

13,000 €

≥ 2,000

18,000 €

See the list of HAL’s partner institutions