Current projects

EquipeX HALiance

HALiance aims to rework HAL’s core services and to match the recommandations and excellence criteria defined by the French higher education and research organisations through the National Plan for Open Science within the scope of international initiatives for Open Science (COAR, EOSC, cOAlition S). It rests upon the renewal of both the hardware and the software.

Equipment for research P.I.A.3 – ESR/EquipEx+

Project reference



5,5 years


3,4 M€

Project kick-off

January 2022




Equipex+ Commons
(OpenEdition, Metopes, Huma-Num)

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HALOWIN project aims to improve HAL interoperability with preprints reviewing services by developing a technical framework that enables the automatic sharing of documents, metadata and notifications. The project rests upon two services: a publishing platform (Episciences) and a recommandation platform (Peer Community In).

Fond national pour la Science ouverte


24 months

Project kick-off

March 2021


Peer Community In

Project leader

Raphaël Tournoy

OpenAIRE Nexus

OpenAIRE Nexus project aims to make Episciences a cornerstone of the EOSC portfolio and onboard it in the set of services of the european cloud, by interfacing it with other OpenAIRE-Nexus services.

European project, OpenAIRE-Nexus, Scholarly communication services for the EOSC (INFRAEOSC-07-2020) – Increasing the service offer of the EOSC Portal (a3) services supporting scholarly communication and open access


30 months

Project kick-off

January 2021



Project leader

Raphaël Tournoy

  • Interconnecting Episciences with Zenodo: a researchers will be able to submit a preprint in Zenodo to an Episciences journal;
  • Interfacing with other services: statistics system of OpenAIRE, OpenCitations, Scholexplorer and OpenAIRE PROVIDE;
  • Making the authentification system used by EOSC available to Episciences users.

HAL's new webdesign

The project aims to make the user experience on HAL easier. It consists in redesigning HAL interfaces in order to improve the global user experience.
Project kick-off

January 2019

Project leaders

Yannick Barborini, Isabelle Guay


design agency Atelier Universel

The project consists of two phases:
Phase 1 Phase 2

The first phase focuses on the researcher’s user experience, comprising the creation of an account, the deposit form, and the overall clickstream from the homepage to the deposit form.
This phase involved a sample group made up of researchers and lecturers from various scientific fields.

This phase focuses on administration pages: portal administration, collection management, user management, deletion of ducplicates, check of deposits.

For this user sprint, a sample group made up of HAL users with various profiles and administration rights was created and individual interviews were conducted.

Monitoring group: N. Alarcon (Casuhal), V. de Lavenne (ADBU), A. Raymond-Denise (EPRIST)

For each phase:
  1. Diagnosis Sprint
    Examining things as they are from all sides, indentifying the critical points for the user, and offering work leads.
  2. User Sprint
    Identifying the needs, stakes and specificities of the users.
  3. Design Sprint
    Agile design and revision of HAL and connected services.
  4. Detailed Design
    Detailed design of all pages.
  5. Iteration et dialogue with the developers
    Handover of the design to developers and monitoring to ensure the quality of the end product.
Phase 1 Phase 2

January 2019

September 2020

User Sprint

March 2019

December 2020


April 2019

April 2021

Detailed Conception

January 2020

September 2021


Q4 2021

2023–2024 (integration and evolutions of functionnalities included in the HALiance project)