First session of the partners’ assembly, part of the new governance of the CCSD. It gathers the representatives of the 132 institutions having a HAL portal

The second National Plan for Open Science (2021-2024) renews its support to HAL for the implementation of its first axis: generalize the open access to publications

The 20 years of HAL are celebrated during a ceremony organized on November 24 at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon


The Committee for the Open Science adopts a new funding model for HAL and a new shared governance model for the CCSD

Migration in HAL of Prodinra, the institutional archive of the INRA

HAL is interconnected with ORCID. It is  referenced by ORCID as a database that researchers can use to import their works


The CCSD welcomes the annual conference and general meeting of COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) in Lyon from May 21 to 23

Co-organization of the ELPUB 23rd International Conference on Electronic Publishing, from June 2 to 4, in Marseille

CNRS policy of incentive to deposit in HAL: researchers activity reports  will only be fed by the publications present in HAL


The National Plan for Open Science supports HAL in the implementation of its axis 1: increasing open access to publications

INRA joins the CNRS, INRIA and Lyon University as the CCSD’s tutelles


Creation of the steering committee for Episciences.org

Management of the calls for projects in SciencesConf through SciencesCall

New deposit interface in HAL

Creation of the triplestore data.archives-ouvertes

The HAL deposits are displayed in Pubmed (linkout service)


Partnership with INIST for a video tutorial “How to deposit in HAL”

HAL becomes part of the Ministry’s research infrastructure roadmap


Partnership with INIST for checking deposits

HAL-SHS is 10 years old


Episciences.org, hosting platform for overlay journals

CCSD becomes a combined service unit (UMS3668) with tutelles CNRS, INRIA and Lyon University

Launching of HAL v3


Inter-institution partnership agreement signed by the Agence de Mutualisation des Universités et Etablissements (AMUE), the Conférence des Présidents d’Université (CPU), the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and 22 other institutions.


Heloïse, a service providing information on publishers’ policies about self-archiving articles


MediHAL : open archive for depositing visual data

Isidore : research platform allowing access to humanities and social sciences digital data

Pastel : ParisTech online thesis server joins HAL

Sciencesconf.org : web platform for managing scientific conferences


Agreement with CINES for long-term archiving


RePec : 1st release  in ReDIF format (Research Documents Information Format)


1er deposit sent to Pubmed Central

Inter-institution protocol grouping around HAL all the universities and the grandes écoles as well as CEMAGREF, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA, INRIA, Institut Pasteur and IRD


HAL-SHS : open archive dedicated to Human and Social Sciences

HAL-INSERM : institutional open archive of INSERM

HAL-INRIA : institutional open archive of INRIA


HAL v.2 allows the creation of portals and collections

HAL-IN2P3 : open institutional archive of Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules (National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics)

EduTice : Education et Technologies de l’information et de la communication


Archivesic open archive in Library and information sciences

1st deposit in arXiv


TEL : thèses-en-ligne for self-archiving thesis and habilitations à diriger des recherches (HDR)

HAL (Hyper articles en ligne), multidisciplinary open archive


Foundation of the Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe (CCSD), service unit of CNRS (UPS 2275)