Bordeaux Montaigne University

Bordeaux Montaigne University brings together more than 14 000 students and 1 300 teaching and administrative staff, for study and research in the arts, languages, literatures and human and social sciences.

As a laboratory for ideas, and an intellectual hotbed, Bordeaux Montaigne University contributes meaningfully to the scientific debates of its day and works tirelessly to cultivate and nurture its fundamental values: independence, and freedom of thought. The university considers equality of opportunities to be one of its priority missions, and works permanently to perfect the courses it offers, and to support and guide its students towards success.

Now so more than ever before, Bordeaux Montaigne University seeks to follow in the path of Michel de Montaigne, continuing to offer a university model that is distinctly human in its scope and appearance. In accordance with the values that have characterised it since its very establishment, the university seeks to be: humanist, exploratory, polyglot, civic-minded, creative and digitally connected.

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