Institut Pasteur

Opened in 1888, following a public appeal for funds, and named after Louis Pasteur, its founder and first director, the Institut Pasteur is an international research and education institute based in France. It is a non-profit foundation with recognized charitable status entrusted with four core missions of general interest: research, education, the health of populations and people, and innovation development and technology transfer.

The Institut Pasteur is an internationally renowned center for biomedical research that stands out in many disciplines. By deciphering the fundamental mechanisms of living organisms, its researchers contribute to the advancement of knowledge that leads to cutting-edge medical applications, ultimately improving public health.
It is home to several national (CNR) and international (CCOMS) centers of expertise that monitor infectious diseases. The Institut Pasteur Medical Center is a health center specialized in infectious and tropical diseases, travel medicine and allergic diseases.
The Education Center welcomes every year over 600 students (Master’s and PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, experienced researchers and health professionals). Some 250 PhD students are present in campus laboratories in any one year, making the Institut Pasteur a major stakeholder when it comes to training of young scientists through research.

The Institut Pasteur is part of the international Pasteur Network including 33 institutions located on five continents, several of which were set up by Louis Pasteur’s direct collaborators or students.

The Institut Pasteur has been acting in favor of Open Science by adopting two founding texts in May 2021: a Charter for open access to publications and a Policy for the management and sharing of research data and software code. Both policies are in line with the Institut Pasteur strategic plan for 2019-2023.

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