Episciences release notes

Written by CCSD

Change log of version 2018-03-06

New features and changes

  • Article submission: the author may add a comment and a cover letter to his submission. Those elements are only visible to Chief editors, Editors, Reviewers
  • Article submission: the examples of open archives in the guidelines are now the same as those allowed by the journal. This list is automatically updated if the journal allows new open archive repositories.
  • Reviewing: Chief editors, Editors, Editorial secretaries may review the article on behalf of the reviewer (only if the reviewer invitation has been accepted). If the grid allows to upload files, the review may be uploaded as an attachment.
  • The first 1000 characters of abstracts are displayed, it was limited to 300 before. The full view of an article still displays the full abstract.
  • E-mails: Adding recipients as Cc or Bcc is now available on all forms

Bug fixes

  • It is no longer possible to add roles to a user whose account is not active
  • Emails: remove a useless popup and fixed a bug that prevented to display the list of users in some email forms
  • Emails: fix encoding issues in mailing history
  • Management of volumes: fixed an issue preventing to edit volume metadata.


  • Add missing translations
  • Miscellaneous user interface modifications
  • Upgrade of main javascript libraries
  • Add text/xml; charset: utf-8;charset=UTF-8 content-type to TEI export