Episciences release notes

Episciences release notes

Written by Raphaël Tournoy

Release notes from release 2018-11-06

New features and changes

  • Sending a temporary version: the author may add a new version
  • Ask for other editors opinion: they are selected by default, unless they are already assigned to the article
  • User dashboard: access to an article by its identifier
  • A new unique Episciences identifier will regroup every version of an article. Every version of the article is still accessible with its own identifier
  • Browse by section: names of the editors are now displayed
  • Editorial team page: section managed by members are now displayed
  • User page information: work on user interface and display managed sections
  • Invite a reviewer: this feature has been rewritten in an effort to ease the procedure and avoid the creation of duplicate accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic reminders: The URL in the template has been fixed for it was empty
  • For some articles where it was missing, the name of the reviewer is now displayed
  • Fixed a bug on the display of a popup when the review invitation deadline had expired.
  • When the reviewing deadline is updated, the new date is correctly displayed on the reviewer dashboard.
  • Undelivered email messages from the platform will now be returned to the sender email address. Before that the return path was always the journal e-mail alias.
  • Formatting of the DatePub element in the TEI metadata export has been adapted to be more compliant for DOI requests.
  • Ask for other editors opinion :
    • Sending of email is now available
    • an attachment file may be added to the request
  • Browse by author page is no longer truncated at 1000 authors
  • when an article is submitted to a volume and a section: an email notification is sent tho the editors of the volume and the section
  • Some characters as & are now properly escaped in the BibTeX export format

User interface

  • Operations on editors of an article: the page is now automatically updated.
  • Browse by author page is now displayed on 3 column and is now responsive.


  • MathJax has been updated to v2.7.5