Episciences release notes

Written by CCSD

Release notes from release 2019-01-21

New features and changes

  • Sending a message to a reviewer: the email sent is added to the log
  • Free text comments: line feeds and tabs are kept as formatting
  • When sending an email, if the message bounces back due to an error, the return path of the email is now the contact address of the journal. The return path of an email must be from the same domain (episciences.org) as the sender of the message. Otherwise in case of mismatch email servers tend to filter messages as spam.

Bug Fixes

  • Some pop-up did not open with the Safari browser, for instance with email attachments
  • Fixed bad URLs in « My Space » when accessed using the breadcrumb menu
  • Fixed wrong display of some non ASCII characters with article coming from arXiv

User interface

  • Add a new volume: label changed from « Add a metadata » en « Add a file (Foreword , Erratum, Addendum, …) »


  • The plugin used to upload files has been updated
  • Code refactoring and performance improvements
  • Added a viewport meta tag to control layout on mobile browsers