The CCSD welcomes the international community of the open repositories

Written by Agnès Magron

From May 21st to 23rd, the CCSD will be pleased to welcome in Lyon the general assembly and the annual conference of COAR.

COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) is a confederation founded in  2009 in order to facilitate a global repository Community of Practice and a world-wide virtual repository network.
The main objectives are to enhance the visibility of research outputs through OA repositories ; to identify and promote strategies to fill repositories with content and facilitate agreements with publishers ; to work closely with the repository community towards repository standardization and interoperability and to provide professional advice and networking opportunities for repository managers and practitioners.

COAR represents over 100 institutions from 35 countries from throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and North America. The French members are the CNRS represented by the CCSD, Science Po, the IRD, Arts et Métiers as well as the universities of Lorraine and Lille.

Next week’s congress will bring together 115 participants from all continents. We will be hosted by the University of Lyon with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


The program :

21 mai : Pre-conference workshops

  • Strategic and Technical Meeting of Repository Networks (invitation only)
  • Facilitate Research Communities Adoption of Open Science Publishing Principles: The Role of Repositories and the OpenAIRE-Connect Services
  • Balancing Local Metadata Requirements with Universal Interoperability
  • ORCID in Repositories | Liz Krznarich, ORCID

22 mai
Welcome from COAR – Eloy Rodrigues & Kathleen Shearer, COAR
Introduction to CCSD Services – Christine Berthaud, CCSD
Opening Keynote- John Willinsky, Public Knowledge Project
Report Back from Pre-Conference Meetings
Showcase of Regional Collaborations
Bridging the Green/Gold Dichotomy

  • Queen’s University and the Combinatorics Overlay Journal -nMartha Whitehead, Queen’s University
  • Episciences : a model of overlay journals – Raphaël Tournoy, CCSD
  • PubFAIR Conceptual Model – Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho
  • University Journals Project – Max Haring, University of Amsterdam

Bridging Institutional and Domain Divide

  • News from the World of Eprints – Oya Rieger, Cornell University
  • HAL: The Interconnecting French Network Institutional Archives with Disciplinary Repositories – Bénédicte Kuntziger, CCSD
  • Humanities Commons Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Michigan State University

23 mai
Executive Board Meeting
COAR General Assembly
Next Generation Repositories Panel: Progress to Date and Input from the Community

  • Kristi Holmes, Northwestern University
  • Andrea Bollini, 4Science
  • Mikiko Tanifuji, National Institute for Materials Science

Research Data Management: Demystifying FAIR Data Principles – Robin Rice, University of Edinburgh & Raman Ganguly,  University of Vienna
Open Content in or Beyond the Repository Ecosystem – Tita van der Werf, OCLC Research
Closing Keynote – Marin Dacos, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

We wish all participants an excellent stay in Lyon.