Episciences Release notes

Episciences release notes

Written by Raphaël Tournoy

Release notes from 2020-02-17

Bug Fixes

  • #216 Several bugs were fixed on the Datacite export format
  • #194 When an editor invites a reviewer and changes the review delay, the localization of the date is kept
  • #102 + #166 On the reviewing grids, if the grid was not translates in the user’s language, some pre-defined values were not translated
  • #141 + #152 It is no longer possible to submit an arXiv preprint with a non-existant version
  • #109 : It is no longer possible to submit a preprint from HAL if the preprint hasn’t got any file (whether a notice without file or a document under embargo)
  • #132 : Dashboard : Filtering by editor is fixed
  • #200 : Fixed broken links that were preventing an editor to suggest acceptance/refusal/ask for a revision
  • #177, #174, #193 :
    • Reminders for reviewing are stopped if the article is accepted, refused, or waiting for a new version
    • Reviewers who haven’t completed their reviews are notified if the paper is accepted, refused, waiting for a new version or published
  • #193 « Asking for modification » email template : the calendar popup with a date has been removed (this date wasn’t used)
  • #210 The article status changes to « Waiting for reviewing » when a new version is submitted. It will happen only if the option assign reviewers to the new version is activated, when requesting minor or major updates.
  • #220: Automatic invitation message for a reviewer: the deadline could be absent and the date format wasn’t localized
  • #221: Fixed a bug that allowed the reviewer to validate a reviewing invitation multiple times

New features and changes

  • #213 : New setting to automatically assign or not the reviewers, for major or minor updates
  • #142 : Filter « None » to find articles without DOI and reviewers
  • #192 : Filter « None » to find articles without editors
  • #208 + #189 + #182 + #122 Journal settings: new settings for automatic assignment of editors
  • #180 new email template TAG %%AUTHORS_NAMES%% . It allows to cite the authors of a paper in email templates.
  • #196, #203 Article submission: enhancement of error messages
  • #195 Article Management: New section, to display profile/contact of the contributor’s article
  • #204 : Default email templates « Assign an editor » and « Article submission » have been updated. The new template invite the editor to reply to the email if they do not want to handle the article
  • #197 Journal settings :
    • New notifications are available for « Editor in chief », « Editorial Secretaries », « Administrators ».
    • Notifications of editors are linked to the assignment parameters of editors. See : Journal > Settings > Editors settings
  • #218 : An editor may refuse to handle an article.

User interface

  • #115, #130, 191 Special volumes:
    • Depending on the settings of the journal, the choice of editors is pre-selected. It allows to prevent the choice of editors by the author.
    • If editors are pre-selected, the label « I want my article to be handled by » is renamed « This article will be handled by ».
    • When an article is submitted in a special volume with an access code, the volume is automatically selected
  • #214 Asking for major or minor updates: the checkbox to automatically assign or not reviewers to the new version is now a specific journal setting. Its label should be more visible.
  • On the article page the source is now a link to the open archive
  • When submitting a new paper, the button « Submit this article » is disabled until all mandatory fields are filled.
  • New links to navigate between reviewing grids and volumes
  • #182 : ISSN and submission: alignment of elements on the left
  • #158 : Managing of articles: button enhancement


Sécurité et code

  • Updates of several components form now on handled by Composer