Episciences release notes

Written by CCSD

Change log of the 29th July 2020 version

Bug Fixes

  • # 286: For security reasons, if the password is changed the user sessions are terminated and a new connection must take place (bug reported by « m.usman122 khan »)
  • #285: Editorial secretaries, administrators and editors can modify or delete a user’s account from their journal.
  • # 291: Do not save the response to a Request for Review without modification if the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are empty.
  • # 266: Correction of a double display of the reviewer role

News and changes

  • # 292: Copy editing: new email template: « Accepted temporary version (managers copy)« 
  • # 290: Editorial secretaries, administrators and editors can edit the cover letter
  • # 298: We assign a default sort order to an article in a volume when the article is added to a volume
    • The sort order of the article inside a volume is displayed on the management page, next to the volume + with a link to change sort order.
  • # 296: Articles may be sorted in a volume before publication. The management page of a volume allows to sort and display the status and sort order of each article in the volume. Thus articles that are accepted or in the copy editing phase can be given a sort order number before publication. Also the article sort order/position number may be automatically added to emails with a TAG %%PAPER_POSITION_IN_VOLUME%%.
  • # 297: Copy editing :
    • Fixed: The TAG_REVISION_DATES tag (all revision dates) now does not include the latest version.
    • Also added the current version submission date (TAG_PAPER_SUBMISSION_DATE_ISO).
  • # 209: an editor can refuse an article without any reviews, no reviewing is required to refuse an article

User interfaces improvements

  • # 282: Copy editing: a message reminds the copy editor to attach the formatted file for the author or to provide a link to download it


  • Correction of English email template texts for copy editing (contribution by Jens Gustedt)

Thank you to all contributors for their time for this update.