Episciences release notes

Written by Raphaël Tournoy

Version of December, 2 2020

Bug Fixes

#317: Correction of a bug on the display of the names of authors imported from HAL
#318: Fixed a bug in the search engine filter when several years were selected.
#324: fixed a bug when accessing attachments without an extension
#329: Automatic reminders: correction of a user interface problem that proposed choices that were impossible to validate
#331: Reviewing grids, correction of various bugs especially on the sorting of criteria

News and changes

#207: It is now possible to upload several files when uploading a temporary or new version.
#301: It is now possible to assign a label to a volume with a custom tag (Example: Volume 12 section 1, 2020. This label can be added to a volume via the « create a volume » or « modify » links (for an existing volume). This tag can be used in the instructions sent by email for copy-editing. This tag %%TAG_VOL_BIBLIOG_REF%% will be available for the same templates as the other volume tags.
#323: Additional reviews for example by a member of the editorial board are listed in the category: « Additional review reports ». These reviews can be modified or deleted.
#329: Automatic reminders: It is now possible to configure reminders for « Authors« .
#330: An editor who has refused to manage an article is no longer proposed in the list of possible editors for that same article.
Moving an article within a volume: the automatic reordering of other papers no longer happens automatically
Changing the deadline for reviewing is only possible if the status of the article is not abandoned, obsolete, refused, deleted or published.
For new journals, alert when inviting a proofreader if the default grid is not defined or empty.


Thank you to all contributors for their time for this update.