Episciences release notes Episciences version 1.0.11

Written by Raphaël Tournoy

Release notes for version 1.0.11

Version 1.0.11 has been released on June 30 2021

The main change in this version is the addition of Zenodo archive support

You can now propose Zenodo as a source archive for preprint and published articles.

You have to validate the addition of the archive in the journal settings:

Submission form adapted to Zenodo

The Zenodo Identifier can be:

  • Document URL (https://zenodo.org/record/5044247)
  • DOI URL (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5044247)
  • DOI (10.5281/zenodo.5044247)

More information about Zenodo

Bug fixes

  • #376: Improved filtering and auto-correction of HTML in reviewing grids + Added toolbar buttons for accepted formatting in comment boxes
  • #33: Fixed URL error in paginations between volumes
  • #386: Fixed wrong values on TAG %%PAPER_POSITION_IN_VOLUME%% in emails

News and updates

  • #379: Markdown format available for file attachments
  • Added new reporting APIs for OpenAIRE Nexus
  • #387: Added new document status: « Cancel final version submitted by author and ask him to submit another one ».
  • #389: Average of reviewing grids scores: scores now have one decimal to avoid too much rounding
  • #383: Now the main recipient of a message is the one who initiated the action, even if he/she has not been assigned to the article. The other recipients (editors + copy editors or + depending on the journal setting) will be copied on the message.
  • #385: Tags are replaced by their values in emails from the email composition window, if their value is known in advance. Previously most tags were replaced just when the email was actually sent.
  • Improvements on DOI management


Thanks to all the contributors for their time and effort