The CCSD published its 2024 action plan

Written by Agnès Magron

At the beginning of the year, the CCSD published its 2024 Action Plan. Validated by the Steering Committee, it sets out the projects for the three platforms (HAL, Episciences and Sciencesconf) in line with the priorities set out in the roadmap.

The team is continuing its basic work on the three platforms: production management, maintenance, support and guidance. It plans 16 actions for 2024, based on the main themes of the roadmap: to anchor the CCSD in the open science ecosystem at national and international level; to strengthen the use of HAL, Episciences and Sciencesconf; and to ensure the sustainability of the services offered by the three platforms.

The 16 actions

  1. Continued listing of funders linked to publications
  2. Listing of research platforms, equipment and instruments operated by research bodies and universities
  3. Contracts between the Episciences platform and hosted journals
  4. Consolidation of the compliance of CCSD platforms with the criteria for excellence in open science
  5. Finalisation of a financial and technical feasibility study concerning the  acquisition and assignment of DOIs to publications deposited in HAL that do not have a DOI
  6. Evolution of the organisation of the moderation of deposits in HAL
  7. Functional enrichment of HAL
  8. Functional enrichment of Episciences
  9. Functional enrichment of Sciencesconf
  10. Harmonisation of HAL, Episciences and Sciencesconf authentication web interfaces
  11. New training offer for HAL user communities
  12. Implementation of new HAL documentation
  13. Strengthening the coordination of HAL communities
  14. Improvement of the security of infrastructure and hosted data
  15. Sustainability of Episciences journal articles
  16. New version of the HAL Portals Terms of service

Some of these actions are programmed within the framework of Equipex+ HALiance, as well as in two new FNSO projects, nepHAL+ and Edisciences.

See also the document : Action plan 2024 (PDF)

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