Episciences release notes

Change log of version 2018-03-06 New features and changes Article submission: the author may add a comment and a cover letter to his submission. Those elements are only visible to Chief editors, Editors, Reviewers Article submission: the examples of open archives in... read more

15 new institutional portals in 2017

In 2017, we see the network of French institutional archives growing rich with the creation of 15 portals, bringing to 122 the total number of organizations that have chosen HAL to manage the long-term archiving, the dissemination in open access and the promotion of... read more

A steering committee for Episciences

The hosting platform of overlay journals Episciences strengthens with the creation of a steering committee which met for the first time this autumn. Committee members settled several missions: Follow-up of the existing epi-committees and creation of new ones... read more

The evolutions of HAL from A to Z

Meeting the needs of users by facilitating the use of HAL is the priority objective of the CCSD’s roadmap. The simplification of the deposit is the main expectation. The 2017 developments were focused on this objective and on September 20, the CCSD team organized a... read more

HAL: institutional archives in networks

Last May representatives of various national and regional open archive networks signed an agreement to enhance their cooperation, the purpose being to come up with an improved working relationship between these networks. Displayed by COAR (Confederation of Open Access... read more