HAL : more than 600 000 !


Written by Agnès Magron

The number of submissions to HAL remained strong in the first half of 2019 with 46,936 deposits as of June 30 – an average of 7,822 deposits per month. In the beginning of July, HAL passed the threshold of 600,000 deposits with attached files.


11529 of these deposits are documents published in 2019, of which 5278 are articles.

Deposits with files are manually verified before being put online. Users regularly point out the delays incurred by our processing times, but we strive throughout the year to moderate submissions as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience.

The majority of the deposits are handled by the CCSD team and a team of 5 people at INIST who process, on average, 1,500 deposits per week. To improve timeliness, the CCSD has also strengthened its team for July-August with the recruitment of a fixed-term contract position.

Since June, the University of Lorraine has also joined the network of institutions that have an in-house moderation team. The University manages this activity for the deposits made through its institutional archive.

The CCSD team wishes you a very nice summer.