New websites to present Sciencesconf and Episciences

Written by CCSD

The CCSD continues its work on its new graphic charter; there is a renewal of the institutional website and the creation of two websites to present Episciences and SciencesConf.

Episciences: a catalog of journals 

A catalog of journals enriches the new Episciences website: each journal is described with standardized information (bibliographic information, peer reviewing and copyright policy, contact details). Their last published articles are also highlighted. Indicators displayed on the website home page present the activity of the platform: the number of journals, articles published and user accounts. Does your journal want to join Episciences? A page is devoted to the criteria of the platform and the procedure for evaluating applications.

The website is available in French and in English, and will soon be translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

Presentation of the Sciencesconf service offer

Concerning the Sciencesconf website the challenge was to enrich the information already available on the plateform’s homepage:”: the new website thus presents the functionalities, the editorial line, and highlights the interconnections with HAL.

On the same model as the Episciences website, you can see the activity’s indicators on the home page: number of conferences, the numbers of papers, and number of papers transferred ito HAL. The home page also highlights upcoming conferences.

The dynamic display of these data has required adaptations for Sciencesconf: the addition of RSS feeds, and the display of the list of conferences adapted to mobile screens.

The website is available in French, in English, and in Spanish.

Redesign of the CCSD website

As for the institutional website, an agenda on the training and the activities of the team is the main novelty. The members’ open science policies of the HAL’s partners assembly are also more easily findable.

These three websites can be displayed on screens, tablets and mobile phones.

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