Referencing research infrastructures in HAL: a new metadata in the deposit form

Written by Agnès Magron

New metadata has been added to the HAL deposit form. You can now specify which research infrastructure you have used for your research.

Research infrastructure: what is it about?

Research infrastructures are labelled by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in its National Roadmap. They are defined as follows:

A research infrastructure is characterised by essential, unique and nationally, European or internationally significant facilities, resources or services for the purpose of conducting and supporting research of excellence. It includes scientific equipment, resources such as collections, archives and scientific data, digital services and infrastructures, and all other essential tools to support research and innovation at the highest level.

By allowing researchers to specify in the deposit form which infrastructure was used to produce research results, HAL facilitates their identification and contributes to the recognition of these essential tools.

HAL deposit form: practical aspects

The list of infrastructures is a closed list extracted from the data available on the Open platform for French public data, The input is auto-completed: just enter the acronym or part of the name. For more information, see also the HAL user documentation.

Any publication presenting research using one of these infrastructures can thus add this information in the metadata of the deposit.

Do you know it? HAL+ is one of the research infrastructures identified in the field of scientific information. These infrastructures provide tools, services and expertise to meet the needs for scientific information throughout the knowledge production chain, i.e. throughout the research life cycle, up to and including its users and audiences. HAL+ is based on the complementarity of the three CCSD platforms: HAL, Sciencesconf and Episciences. The deposit of a publication in HAL resulting from research using, for example, part of the HAL corpus can thus be complemented by the HAL+ infrastructure.

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