This is the end for Héloïse


Written by Agnès Magron

The informations about the self-archiving policies of French scholarly journals are now available only on the Sherpa/Romeo and Mir@bel websites:  the Héloïse service is now closed

The landscape of open access and open science has dramatically changed since 2011, when Heloise was founded,, and the data model of the service has become obsolete. In addition, a lot of data is present both in Heloise and in Sherpa/Romeo, sometimes contradictory, which may confuse users wishing to self-archive the full text of their articles in HAL.

A new national strategy is brought by the Committee for Open Science (COSO) and its Working Group on Publication Policies to increase the international visibility of the French scholarly publishers policies regarding the dissemination of articles, and to encourage them to adopt good practices. In this context, the Mir@bel network announces the creation of a new tool to collect French policies and will take care of their transfer to Sherpa/Romeo. This will enable to make them available in the HAL deposit form which displays Sherpa/Romeo data in a synthetic way adapted to self-archiving.

Mir@bel is a referencing service that facilitates access to journals by locating the online contents of more than 8750 journals. It relies on a documentary network that includes more than sixty-five partner institutions. In the second quarter of 2021, journal managers will be able to register on Mir@bel to deposit and validate their updated policies. The CCSD will transfer Heloise data to allow the identification of journals

Remember to suppress all references to Heloise from your sites.