New governance of the CCSD: first milestone for a partners assembly


Written by Agnès Magron

The institutions having a HAL portal are solicited to designate their representative in order to form a partners assembly, one of the four bodies of the new governance of the CCSD.

It is the purpose of the mail sent in April to the persons in charge of universities, Grandes Ecoles and research organizations. The partners assembly gathers all the institutions of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research having a HAL portal. This assembly will have a double vocation:

  • it relays the needs of the institutions as user of HAL, and fosters the exchange and the sharing of informations between institutions.
  • It elects its representatives to the orientation committee.

The designated person is able to carry out the open science strategy of his/her institution and to rally the different actors who intervene on HAL. He/She can come from different communities: researcher, teacher-researcher, librarian.

This first step will allow the members of this assembly to meet in July.

The objective of the new governance is to better involve users in the development of the platforms managed by the CCSD and to strengthen the scientific council by giving it an international dimension (see post and the Ministry’s press release). It has been approved by the Open Science steering committee.